It's all About The Music..

     Monday       Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday       Friday     Saturday       Sunday

    Paul Gray 


  10am - 11am



    Old Skool     Reggae Ska

        Show           6pm - 8pm



Requests Show

Chosen by You

   6pm - 8pm


Steve B Burke

     Live @

  11am - 1pm


Cory Medeiros

      Live @         Vibe Radio       2pm - 4pm

  Clive Brady 

    Jazz Funk           Show

   1pm - 3pm



Forgotten Funky Gem's

3pm - 7pm


      Roger         Hannaford

  Sunday Soul         Show

   3pm - 5pm

    Peter Leek

      It's in          The  Groove


  8pm - 10pm   

Roger Hannaford

Soul Show

8pm - 10pm

           J.c      Live @ Vibe HQ

8pm untill  Late.


      Billy T

  In The House

  All the Gem's

   8pm - 10pm

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