Sing baby Sing

The Tribute to the Stylistics

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Harmony vocal groups such as the Stylistics, have always been a powerful medium for putting stories across to the public, via great vocal structures, tight harmonies, strong songs and searching melodies, that are able to get the listeners attention and take them out of their world and transport them into another music plane.


Sing Baby Sing is one such group, trained in the United Kingdom & USA throughout the 70’s and 80’s and influenced by all the Early UK & USA Soul, Northern Soul, Jazz Funk, UK & USA R&B

Carlton White.



Producer,Singer,Writer & Musician

For Television, Radio & Theatre



Derek Green.


A much in-demand singer, both as a studio session singer and a touring background vocalist


Roy Carter.


 Vocalist Rhythm

Starting out as a Grammy Nominated & 5 Million selling Album with Vocal Group Heatwave.



Ken White.


Sing Baby Sing is one

such group trained in the United Kingdom &

USA  throughout the 70s

& 80s & influenced by the Early UK & USA

Music Scene.


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